High everyone I want to thank you for giving me a basic idea especially kate88 for Ali GH and traveland for the link to give me an idea on prices for cameltrek into Sahara.

I took the airport bus 30 derham ret.and the driver pointed me to Ali GH great place single room ensuite with hot shower 100derhams. Obviously being a plumber I recognised that the old squat loo had been replaced with a siton with cistern but alas left only two inches between wall and pan. The only way to use it was to sit back to front facing and clutching the cistern Ha! Ha! 2 days Marrakesh and then I took bus to Erracchidia arriving 930pm and straight into the arms of an hotel tout he took me to renaiscance Hotel bit shabby and room stank of cigarettes but 80 d B&B (with two boiled eggs) I was up and away at 730am to Rassani. I got alift from a sympathetic french family going to Merzouga but had to drop off on way when we reached their firends place which i thought was merzourga i left thanking them but didn’t realise I was in Hassi Labid. I stayed here at great little place for 120 B&B plus 60 for evening tajne with mixed salad as starter and coke also orange dessert. next afternoon did camel 2hrs into Saharah overnight for 300 derhams to include breakfast and hot shower at hotel La Valley Des dunes next am back into town quick shower breakfast and shared taxi to Razzani and Erfud.

From here local bus to tinhir and Grande taxi as soon as I arrived to Todra gorge. Thie was so beautiful I stayed here the night and next am after breakfast I went back to tinhir and onto bomain de Dades by local bus. again grand taxi this time 70 kms up through De Dades gorge to Msemrir where I was stuck at 2050m as no transportw as going back to Baumades that day so hitched a lift from VIP with brand spanking new 4X4 (had DVD palyer in dash and sat TV lol)to junction (Thank you very much sir) although being saluted at all the way down by Police was a bit disconcerting checked into Bougafer on main square there for 70 B&B rooms had steel doors and security locks that made rooms look like wall safes Ha1 Ha! next am direct to Mrrakesh on 8am bus and after 30mins transferred to Essourria bus arriving around 7pm into essouria 1 Asmara Hotel as recommended by LP was full so stayed at tout offred place (he said he owned it after I had driven away 3 other Hotel touts who ran ahead of me into every hotel foyer and demnded they charge me to include 30 -50 derhams commission for them finally I settled for 120 in a small riad and the guy had to take a cut in his commission, I moved onto the asmar hotel next am great place with great views over atlantic and city ramparts for sunsets and breakfast took the 1030 am bus yesterday back to Marrakesh and after my final tjene flew back to Uk yesterday
heres my costings
ret ticket bus to airport 30d
Ali hotel Marrakesh 2 nights 200d 2 evening meals on medena 80d
Bus to Erraccshida 145d
Le renaiscance GH 80d B&B
Bus to Rassani 18d
free lift to Hassi Labid
1 night B&B 120d at La Vallee des dunesĀ 60 for evening mealĀ 300d for trip to Sahara inc breakfast on ret to hotel
15d for taxi to Rassani and shared grande taxi 7d to Erfud and 30 d bus to Tinhir
7 d grande taxi to Todra gorge stayed Auberge restaurant La Vallee 120 B&B
7d back to Tinhir and 15d for local bus to Boulman de Dades
grande taxi 20 d to Msemrir and free ride back to town
Hotel Bougafer 70d B&B 60d evening meal next am 90d for bsu to Marrakesh and marrakesh to Essaouria35 ew
riad rip off in essouria 104 +29 B&B asmara Hotel 132 B&B (Large room with double bed)
I had a great time and thank you for your help which started me off on the right track
I think had I thought about it I might have been better of had I taken one of the 4 or 5 day trips doing what I did for 900d from Marrakesh ie 4 days 3 nights is also a reasonable option
anyway heres the photos and thanks again everyone